Edible insects are a healthy alternative, rich in proteins and Omega 3, calcium, iron and zinc. We offer you a wide choice of edible insects, ready to be tasted, elaborated according to a strict process and multiple quality controls. All our products are packaged, ready for export to Europe, the USA, Canada, Australia, Asia… Make your choice.



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Next Food is a leading producer and distributor of edible insects internationally

Since 2013 we have developed entomoculture (insect farming) techniques to offer you the very best opportunity to discover and taste these edible insects through our online store.

Next Food has an edible insect farm in Thailand while our other insects come from a network of insect farmers located around the globe. The company chose our location in Thailand for its climatic conditions which allow the insects to develop naturally. In addition to this, our farms have been set up to meet the health standards relating to both breeding and packaging.

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Our farming and drying process is eco-friendly, uses no chemicals and is carried out according to strict processes and multiple quality controls. Our Thailand farm uses zero paid electricity to raise the crickets so is very environmentally friendly, no climate control is required because of the humidity and the insects are dried using an energy free dehydrator. Insects are dehydrated but can be re-hydrated by placing them in boiling water for 10-15 minutes. Having a sustainable farm ensures the best quality edible insects.

We are known worldwide for high quality edible insects and our wide range of ready to eat products are packaged and ready for export. Our regular customers are located in Europe, the USA and Australasia.

Insect Consumption

Eating edible insects is natural even though the trend has not developed in many western cultures. Many of us eat insects daily without our knowledge. Insects have entered the industrialized food manufacturing process in various forms such as dyes.

“E120” or carmine on product ingredient labels is a substance obtained from the cochineal insect, it is used to dye various confectioneries, pastry and jams, syrups, yogurts, drinks and meats. Cochineal also acts as a dye for pharmaceutical products such as drugs and dietary supplements. Experts say that by consuming these colored products, we eat more than 500g of edible insects each year. This figure is considerable for people who think they do not eat insects. Moreover, this proves that edible insects are not as revolting as we think.

In addition to this, unintentional consumption of edible insects is very common as they can also be accidentally found in industrialized foods. It is almost impossible to guarantee the absence of insect fragments in industrial preparations such as flour, cereals, legumes, pulses, and in vegetable protein substances. Conscious of this fact, health authorities impose regulations by setting up food codes where, for example, an industrial food product must not contain more than 0.1% insect fragments per mass of sample.

In addition, you can swallow insects without knowing it. This is the case when we accidentally swallow a fly while walking or just sleeping. Urban legends say that we could swallow spiders while sleeping; while scientific articles comment on the improbability of this happening, it is quite possible that smaller insects such as ants will fall into our mouths and end up slipping into our esophagus.

Based on this information, studies claim that we can eat nearly 1 kg of insects per person each year.

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You can also taste ‘plain ones’ and decide to season them ‘your way’ using various flavor combinations made available by the different sauces and spices available in your own kitchen. Plain insects have the advantage of being able to be consumed sweet or savory. We also offer a variety of specialty flavored insects.

Edible Insects recipe

Edible insects are a healthy alternative as they are rich in proteins and omega-3, calcium, iron and zinc. You can create your own recipes using our plain insects; look for recipe inspiration on our blog or on the internet where many followers of these dishes put up their own recipes.

Insects to try first

The success of a first tasting of edible insects will influence our opinion on entomophagy (the eating of insects). In this case, it is important to choose the right insect or product to taste. According to some confirmed entomophages (people who eat insects as food), it is suggested that one starts with small edible crickets and mealworms.


Precautions to take when eating insects

Edible insects are clean in themselves, however may contain harmful products such as insecticides, pesticides and herbisides from landing on lawns or visiting certain crop fields that are being treated for pests. It is therefore never advisable to catch insects for consumption from the wild, gardens or fields and it is best to buy edible insects from specialized shops as these insects are bred specifically for human consumption at breeding centers/farms or they collect in tropical areas where the consumption of insects is common practice.

Precautions must be taken before eating edible insects. It is important to know whether you are allergic to edible insects. In principle, individuals who are allergic to shellfish should not consume insects as they may be allergic to the chitin in the insect’s exoskeleton which is very similar to the chitin in crustaceans. If you are unsure, you will need the appropriate medicine to deal with a possible allergic reaction.

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