Insecte comestible : le ver à soie

Next-Food edible insects. Wholesale, by weight

You will find here the products of the brand NextFood, wholesale crickets, insects wholesale, wholesale scorpion, wholesale edible insects.

Edible insects in this range were all fed, bred and selected with great care for our clients both curious and demanding. Next Food is first of all a company dedicated to the development of edible insect rearing and the sale of these.

You are a convinced entomophagous? Then this line of products is made for you! Insects that are sold wholesale with strict criteria: quality of insects, taste, traceability and food safety.

Our wholesale edible insects

(Minimum of 20 kg per order. Possible grouping)

Giants worms / Zophobas Morio – RF 01

Ideal if you are a new Entomophagous. Our giant worms are raised on our farm. They are slaughtered and then cleaned and boiled and finally dried to preserve their nutrients. They are then seasoned to the need or simply salted before being packaged. Fed flour rice or oatmeal, whole wheat, vegetables and other foods. This really is one of our flagship products, offering the demonstration of a mass production respectful of the environment with a quality product.

edible giant worms

Meal worms / Tenebrio Molitor – RF 02

Both crunchy and tasty, these mealworms are perfect for those of you who have difficulty to test the entomophagie. This first experience will be easier, maybe before tasting tarantulas… Mealworms, or larvae of mealworm (Tenebrio molitor), are mainly composed of water, this is why you will feel like a an empty shell. It is however in what remains after dehydration that concentrate essential nutrients: protein, calcium, iron…

edible meal worms

Field crickets / Gryllus Bimaculatus – RF 03

Next-Food-51The crickets from Next-Food have been carefully selected for their taste, their beautiful shapes and the quality of livestock which they have hatched. Indeed, these insects come from our farm that uses innovative and environmentally friendly techniques. Crickets are raised and prepared on the spot according to strict quality criteria. Before being packed, the insects are slaughtered by cryonics, before being boiled and then dried by a unique process using renewable energy. They are then seasoned. We offer these crickets to different flavours: thai, curry, Chili, tom yum…

edible field cricket

Silk worms / Bombyx Mori Pupae – RF 05

Next-Food-46Silkworms are insects consumed and appreciated in many countries. In some areas of Asia, silk worms are even a delicacy, especially appreciated for their sweet flavors. They can be integrated into all kinds of traditional recipes. You can eat them on skewers, seasoned to the tastes of each.
The taste of silkworm will remind you the flavor of hazelnuts and almond with a crisp envelope. Apart from its visual appearance, you will have trouble believing that you eat an insect…

silk worm which people eat

Locusts / Pantanga Succint – RF 06

locusts Next-Food-66The migratory locust is particularly appreciated of the Entomophagous and easily accommodate in recipes that are extremely varied.
A disaster to crops in Africa and Asia, however eating it is a nutritious treasure and it would be a pity to Miss these rich and tasty insects. Hot or cold, salted or sugars, or cooked or raw, the locusts will cook perfectly to all sauces. Gourmets will enjoy! Feel free to offer crickets lightly salted as an aperitif.

locust which you can eat

Grasshoppers / Orthoptera – RF 07

With a taste to halfway between grilled bacon and baked potato, grasshoppers are consumed in Asia, Africa and Latin America in a common way. In some agricultural regions they destroy the crops and are the only sources of food for the population. Today, with the development of the entomophagie as an economical viable and essential for the global food challenge, wild locusts become for people who feared their arrival an interesting alternative revenue source.

edible grasshoppers

Mini grasshoppers / Schistocerca – RF 08

Small grasshoppers are crispy and tasty, ideal for the aperitif… A taste halfway between the grilled bacon and potatoes in the oven.

edible mini grass hopper

Diving beetles / Cybister Limbatus – RF 09

Diving beetles come from our association of collectors of insects. They are cleaned and boiled before being dehydrated. Diving beetle is an amphibian that hunt small fish and invertebrates. It has a very sharp spur (remember to remove it before eating). Found in several places in the world, among others: Japan, Southeast Asia, Mexico and New Guinea… To enjoy this insect in the best conditions, you must remove the wings and head with its sting. This is it just give it a bite.

diving beetle for human consumption

Ants weavers / Oecophylla Smaragdina – RF 10

Next-Food-38Weaver ants are a popular dish in the northeast of Thailand but are quite rare because they are difficult to collect and available only during certain months. Their slightly sour and spicy taste makes them very valuable in salads seasoning, their crunchiness will be appreciate as an aperitif like small chips (no bad fat and less calories). Colonies may be extremely important, consisting of more than a hundred nests covering many trees and capable of containing more than half a million workers.

edible queen ants

Bamboo worms / Omphisa Fuscidentalis – RF 11

Next-Food-5Bamboo worm is white and typically measure 3.5 to 4 cm long. After 45 to 60 days, the larvae mature and then enters a phase of prolonged sleep, lasting 8 months. This long period called diapause is exceptional for a tropical insect. It is probably caused by the particular climate of this region undergoing important amplitudes of temperatures and humidity, which affects the availability of food for the larvae. Therefore this is the period to collect bamboo worms.

edible bamboo worms

Beetles / Phyllophaga – RF 12

With their unique crunchiness, the beetles are an excellent source of protein and calcium. When they are alive these small creatures are nocturnal, so if you want to be sensitive to their habits, enjoy them in the evening as a snack, pizza topping, soaked in chili sauce or as you wish: this is what they wanted… We buy our beetles to collectors of confidence in Thailand and Cambodia and buy only fresh and high quality products. Once harvested, they are immediately cleaned, cooked, and dehydrated to preserve their nutrient content.

edible bamboo worms

Giant crickets / Brachytrupes portentosus – RF 13

Crickets giant Next-Food-54The Giant cricket are a very large size for these species.They are a good challenge.These crickets are delicious on toast with honey or soaked in lemon juice or mayonnaise.

Alternatively, you can eat them as it is or in a salad with a drizzle of olive oil.

palm worms for human consumption

Palm worms / Rhynchophorus ferrugineus – RF 14

Recommended by the world food program, the Palm worm is one of edible insects which focused the attention of the scientific community. Thanks to its very rich in protein intake, the Palm worm is part of these foods that will form the basis of our diet in the future. This worm, very rich in minerals like iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus is also glutted with vitamins fibres such as vitamin A, B1, B2, K, and others. Palm trees worms we offer from our farm are fed with quality products before being boiled and dried.

giant crickets for human consumption

Tarentulas / Haplopelma albostriatum – RF 15

The fried spiders is a regional dish of Cambodia, particularly in the Cambodian town of Skuon where they are raised. The population would have started eating spiders in the years of the Khmer Rouge, when food was scarce. It consists of a crisp outer texture with a soft abdominal part. The legs contain little flesh, while the head and body have a white and delicate meat. These tarantulas have been boiled and dried for several hours. This process makes them somewhat fragile, but this does not affect their taste or pleasure that one can feel to eat.

tarantula which people eat

Black Scorpions / Heterometrus longimanus – RF 16

Scorpions come from farms in Asia who grow them for human consumption. They are fed a diet of crickets, worms, and other agricultural insects. Due to the evolution of an amphibious ancestor, their flesh is similar to crustacean and stuffed full of proteins and vitamins, in particular its exoskeleton that is also rich in calcium. They can be enjoyed with a variety of sauces or even boiled 5 minutes, to regain their original texture and taste. These scorpions were treated by rapid freezing, boiled and then dried for several hours.

edible scorpion

Giant water bugs / Belostomatidae – RF 17

Carnivores, the giant water bugs are insects that live in ponds and lakes. Their forelimbs are used to catch their prey, which reminds of scorpions, from which their name of ‘water scorpions. Due to an appearance similar to that of a scorpion and a rather large body for an insect, it is often unthinkable for most people to consume these insects. Their view causes you a hesitation and apprehension? This is a normal reaction, but don’t be fooled: the giant water bugs have an amazing taste and incomparable nutrient values.

giant water bugs that humans eat