Edible insects. Crickets Thaï curry, Tom Yum, Aonori, Lime, Sweet Chili, Namtok, Satay, Teriyaki, Wasabi, Thaï Holy Basil… You will find here the products of the brand Next-Food. Edible insects in this range were all fed, bred and selected with great care for our clients both curious and demanding.

Next-Food is first of all a company dedicated to the development of edible insect rearing and the sale of these. An original idea to give a touch of originality to your drink. Next Food flavoured products combine exoticism and good taste.
All of these products meet strict criteria: quality of insects, taste, traceability and food safety.

Like tarantulas, edible insects are probably one of the most important food sources of the future. In fact, taking into account the feed conversion rate, 10 kg of feed gives 1 kg of beef, 3 kg of pork, 5 kg of poultry and 9 kg of insects. This figure reflects the potential of insects in protein production.

Compared to conventional breeding, entomoculture mobilizes only a tiny resource. In this perspective, the environmental impact of growing insects to eat is very limited. For example, a beef farm releases 80 times more CO2 than cricket farming.

Aware of these potentialities, entomoculture is starting to gain momentum in France. For now, the edible insects we offer on next-food.net are still coming from Thailand. So, like the many entomophagy’s of the country, come and shop on our site!