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Our file on edible insects

Edible Insects – Everything you need to know about edible insects – Edible insects, recipes, tips: discover our complete guide on entomophagy to start eating insects in the best conditions.

Buy edible insects

Buy edible insects – Crickets, ants, worms, cicadas: you can now find edible insects online and in stores and to enjoy in a variety of forms!

Types of edible insects

Types of edible insects – Which insects are edible? What do insects taste like? Discover 7 types of insects that can be eaten in dishes or as an appetizer.

Entomoculture techniques

Entomoculture techniques – Edible insects – What are the main entomoculture techniques? What are the stakes of this sector and what are the regulations governing it in France?

Eating edible insects

Eating Edible Insects – Eating edible insects is already a reality for one-third of the world’s population. And you, when do you start?

The virtues of edible insects – The nutritional benefits of insects are no longer in question! But can they replace other foods? Do they contain all the vital nutrients?

Feeding humanity with edible insects – Will the consumption of edible insects drastically change our eating habits? That’s why we’re convinced.

Insects in our food – Would you like some more crickets? No thanks, I’ll try this tarantula instead… Discussion from a meal of the future or utopia?

Recipes for cooking with edible insects – Crickets, locusts, scorpions and mealworms may be on your shopping list in a few years. How to eat and cook them?

Precautions before consuming edible insects – Eating insects is trendy and requires some vigilance. The point on the benefits of edible insects and the precautions to take.