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How to Cook with Crickets (Acheta Domesticus): 5 Delicious and Nutritious Edible Insect Recipes

cricket acheta domesticus edible

Cricket acheta domesticus, also known as the house cricket, is one of the most popular and widely available edible insects in the world. It has been consumed for centuries in many cultures, especially in Asia and Africa, where it is considered a delicacy and a source of protein. Cricket acheta domesticus is not only tasty […]

How to Cook Scorpions: 3 Delicious and Easy Recipes for Edible Insects

edible scorpion- edible insects

Why Eat Scorpions and Other Edible Insects? Edible insects are a sustainable and nutritious source of protein that can be enjoyed in various ways. One of the most exotic and adventurous ways to eat insects is to use scorpions, which are arachnids that belong to the same class as spiders and mites. Scorpions have a […]

Bugs in the Kitchen: 10 Delicious Edible Insects Recipes You Need to Try

edible insects and nuts to eat

1.Why Edible Insects are the Future of Food In recent years, there has been a growing recognition that our current food systems are unsustainable. With a population expected to reach 10 billion by 2050, there is an urgent need to find new, sustainable sources of protein. This is where edible insects come in. Edible insects […]

Entomophagy 101: Getting Started with Edible Insects

101 edible insects

Have you ever considered eating insects? While it might sound strange at first, entomophagy (the practice of eating insects) is actually quite common in many parts of the world, and is gaining popularity as a sustainable and nutritious food source.  Eating insects has been a part of human diets for thousands of years, with evidence […]

Edible insects: The future of sustainable food production

insectes comestibles

Introduction to edible insects and their role in sustainable food production Today, food production is constantly evolving, and edible insects are increasingly seen as a sustainable food source for the future. Although eating insects may seem strange or disgusting to some, it has been a common practice in many cultures around the world for centuries. […]

Entomophagy: Edible locust

Entomophagie : edible cricket

Entomophagy: Edible Locust Do you know Entomophagy: Edible locust, an excellent eating insect! Insects to eat or understand Entomophagy We didn’t invent anything! Indeed, it’s been thousands of years and billions of people who consume edible insects every day. The mentality in Europe of eating edible insects is slowly but surely changing. The visual aspect […]

Eat edible insects

Eating edible insects The insect food market has never been bigger. Eating edible insects is great for your health Eating insects: insect protein intake The edible insects is one of the “exits” of animal consumption due to their nutritional quality and their availability in the environment. But not everything food-insect is not necessarily “good to […]

Insect appetizer: The experience of edible insects

Insect appetzer: the edible insects experience

Appetizer insect: The edible insect experiment Have you ever tasted an Insect aperitif: The experience of edible-insects Edible cricket and cricket Do you know the entomophagy? Like everything, there is no point in being excessive in the consumption of edible insects or its opposite, reject the consumption of food insect. You have to be reasoned […]

Edible Insects: Entomophagy in all its states

edible insects: Entomophagie

  Edible Insects: Entomophagy in all its forms Have you ever eaten Edible Insects: Entomophagy in all its forms Aperitif insect or Cooking insect Eating insects in our “European” civilization is not common. Indeed, the idea of swallowing an edible insect is not easy because it is not very attractive visually. It is a new […]