Edible Insects: Entomophagy in all its states

edible insects: Entomophagie


Edible Insects: Entomophagy in all its forms

Have you ever eaten Edible Insects: Entomophagy in all its forms

Insectes Comestibles : Entomophagie dans tous ses états
Insectes Comestibles : Entomophagie dans tous ses états

Aperitif insect or Cooking insect

Eating insects in our “European” civilization is not common.

Indeed, the idea of swallowing an edible insect is not easy because it is not very attractive visually.

It is a new vision that we must have because the food we know today will change quickly and in the short term.

On the other hand, Consuming edible insects, why?

  • The world population will be 9 billion people by 2050
  • Edible insects are rich in proteins, mineral salts, vitamins
  • Eating insects relieves cholesterol and allows you to make gluten-free recipes
  • Entomology has a very low environmental impact

After writing this, we are no further ahead in actual edible insect consumption.

Indeed, here is the most interesting part of the consumption, in all fairness of insect to eat

The taste of edible insects: You will be surprised

Indeed, after having seen the economic and environmental side of entomophagy, what about the taste or the way of cooking these little beasts!

By the way, and to compare the unattractive side of edible insects, have you ever seen a lamb being slaughtered to become a superb chop on your plate?

Ok, I admit, the comparison is hard but isn’t it also on the shape of these edible insects!

Indeed, there are more than 1,400 varieties of edible insects, each insect, depending on the preparation, has its own flavor.

The flavors, depending on the edible insects, come in several ways.

You will find the taste of hazelnuts, almonds, bacon and you can even season your salads with ants that have a spicy side.

Of course, the flavor of edible insects depends on its preparation or cooking, which can be:

  • Fried
  • Fried
  • Grilled
  • Inserted in a preparation, donuts, pasta etc …

Then, you can taste them in:

  • Aperitif insect
  • As a starter in a salad
  • In a dish
  • Even in a dessert

So ? try it out by ordering prepared edible insects on our site, such as Thai basil cricket or many other delicious choices!

After the expectation, the doubts and the giggles, you will be conquered!

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