Insect appetizer: The experience of edible insects

Insect appetzer: the edible insects experience

Appetizer insect: The edible insect experiment

Have you ever tasted an Insect aperitif: The experience of edible-insects

Appetizer Insect: The Edible Insect Experiment

Edible cricket and cricket

Do you know the entomophagy?

Like everything, there is no point in being excessive in the consumption of edible insects or its opposite, reject the consumption of food insect.

You have to be reasoned and fair.

Indeed, apart from the “end of the food world” aspect and the benefits of its little animals for our health, have you ever tried it!

Some will say “oh no, it’s ugly, you can see the head etc…”

Indeed, when you eat a gray shrimp, do you not see the head!

Just like eating snails, seafood: live the oyster!

Jokes aside….

Let’s try entomophagy together, only as an experiment, during an insect appetizer “party”.

Aperitif party insect

Indeed, I tried it with relatives of the family during a classic aperitif

I presented a whole range of edible cricket and small crickets cooked by the chef of Next Food

First of all, the first reaction is total rejection, just at the thought of ingesting a bug!

But after passing this stage, curiosity sets in.

Indeed, there are those who will taste with lip service and those who are not afraid!

Oh great surprise this test!

The guests were surprised by the texture of this edible insect on the one hand.

On the other hand, the tastes of edible cricket cooked in several ways, Barbecue, Satay, Tom Yum, Thai Basil, Yellow Curry…

We found ourselves coming back to try other tastes of food bug

Finally, the texture is not at all unpleasant, it is reminiscent of a crisp whose texture is homogeneous but it certainly comes from the quality of edible insects from Next Food!

Next Food: Purchase edible insect

So ? Why not you ?

Take a test of entomophagy and test during an aperitif the fact of consuming a food insect!

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