Insect aperitif: Next Food N°1 of edible insects

Are you ready for a “party” Insect apero: Next Food N°1 of the Edible insects

Edible insects as an appetizer have never been so good

Have you ever tried or tested an edible insect?
You are gathered with friends or family and you want to put some originality in your aperitif.
Indeed, it’s the perfect time to taste our excellent edible insects
To start, I grant you the visual is not appetizing but wait to taste the aperitif insect!
Just like snails, shrimps or seafood, because it is in our culture, the visual of a snail has nothing to envy to a mealworms or an edible locust
But once you’ve tasted the grilled insects prepared by our chef, I’m sure you’ll come back!

Eating Insects: Food Insect

Admittedly, the food-insect from Next-Food is of excellent quality but it is natural and eco-responsible!
Absolutely !
The food insect meets the standards and the charter that we demand, namely all in a totally natural drying and transformation process.
Especially since all Next Food staff are consumers of these edible insects
On the other hand, our chef prepares these insects to eat with love and passion.
You will find Cricket with Satay or Cricket BBQ sauce and even more preparation …
The subtle taste of these edible insects will delight your palate as well as your guests
So ? What are you waiting for to try and test these quality edible insects?
You will find a large choice of insects to eat plain or prepared “ready to be eaten” in our edible insects

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