Mealworms: Edible insects

mealworms: edible insects

Meal Worms: Edible Insects

Do you know the Mealworms: edible insects

Vers de Farine : Des insectes comestibles

Insect Cricket: Insect protein

For people unfamiliar with entomophagy, please read the following:

Indeed, we are not trying to convince of the benefit of tasting edible insects but to make you “crave”!

The consumption of insects to eat is no longer to be praised, but what would you say to escaping from a “Flavors” point of view.

Indeed, have you ever consumed an edible insect knowingly?

You have already done this unconsciously via mealybugs, for example, which are used to color food.

Also, from a “visual” point of view to eat gray shrimps or edible insects such as the cricket, it’s the same thing!

Especially since you are doing your body good!

Insect Apero: Cricket with Thai Basil

For the first time, we advise you to use this experience in a festive setting.

During an aperitif with friends, with family, think Edible insects!

NEXT FOOD, an eco-responsible artisan producer, offers you many culinary variations of food insects

Indeed, for example, the cricket with Thai basil, here is an edible insect of choice!

NEXT Food offers you a lot of insect food to consume of high quality, such as:

  • Crickets, edible insect, prepared by our chef with Satay (a subtle taste of peanuts)
  • The little cricket, insect to eat with BBQ flavor
  • Another insect aperitif like the crickets with Thai curry

You are spoiled for choice on NEXT FOOD!


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