NEXT FOOD: Quality Food Insects

NEXT FOOD : Insect food quality

NEXT FOOD: Quality Food Insect

NEXT FOOD: Quality Food Insect

NEXT FOOD: Quality Food Insect

Insect Aperitif: A real treat

NEXT FOOD is one of the major players in entomophagy.

Indeed, for years, Next Food, an eco-responsible artisan producer, has imposed strict rules for an irreproachable quality of food insect.

Have you ever tested the consumption of food bug, just for curiosity?

These high quality edible insects are bred to delight your taste buds.

Indeed, apart from the quality of production, our chef is happy to match these edible insects to traditional recipes.

These edible-insects can be quite palatable.

Take the example of mealworms grilled!

Quite simply, excellent, you will be surprised, past apprehension, to consume them like peanuts, naturally

The edible insect is simply excellent as an appetizer insect

Organize an insect aperitif “party” between friends whether they are followers of entomophagy or not. Success Guaranteed!

Entomophagy for eating insects

Eat insects! Weird for people who are not into entomophagy

But have you ever tried!

No ?

Are you sure!

Indeed, it’s a safe bet that you have already eat insects without knowing it!

An American study conducted by Lisa Monachelli (professor at Wageningen University) has shown that each person eats an average of 500 grams of insects each year without knowing it!

Wow! What a surprise !

Indeed, this eating insect that is the cochineal is used for a lot of things: candy, cold cuts, juice etc…

Also in this study, Starbucks strawberry frappuccinos are shown to contain cochineal dyes!

Did you know that fruit glaze is made from eating insect!



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