Eat insects from Next Food, when entomophagy rhymes with ecology

edible insects, recycle packing

edible insects, recycle packingEat insects from Next Food, when entomophagy rhymes with ecology

Edible insects packaging, absorber of moisture and oxygen recycled.

Fans of entomophagy, you will have probably noticed: in each of your bags
Next Food is your favorite edible insects and 2 small devices that we say “active”:
a moisture absorber (desiccant) and an oxygen absorber. Since our creation we use
ecological production methods that require the least amount of energy and no preservatives.
Our company now wants to go further on this movement by offering you the recycling of
our bags.

The insects will be preserved thanks to an absorber of moisture and oxygen.

At Next Food we take care of your edible insects. To satisfy you we put a point
of honor to do everything possible to make your experience of entomophagy the most pleasant
possible. To help you taste our delicious eating insects we have added
the best guarantee against the risk of humidification. The presence of water and oxygen with your edible insects is deleterious for their quality. Indeed it can lead to the deterioration of the properties
organoleptic as its texture, color or smell. Insects are dried and
conditioned in the best conditions but as La Fontaine says in one of his Fables:
“Two precautions are better than one”.

Entomophagy of better quality, how is this possible?

The small moisture bag is composed of small balls (as small as our ants edibles …) transparent
and / or bluish which are micro pore silica beads. In each of these marbles is a great
amount of holes and the exchange surface between the air and the silica is thus increased. humidity
residual will therefore be fixed on all these small holes and thus prevent degradation of your insects
preferred. This protection is particularly effective to preserve the crack of your little pleasures
entomophage. In addition our seal bag is specially designed to allow you
to eat an edible locust … at any time of the day (or night). A small insect
grilled, I close the bag with the zip and my mealworms stay dry, ready for a new
tasting! Miaam.

Our fresh edible insect bag

Our Next Food bag has been specially developed to meet the criteria of preservation of
insects but also to multiple reuses. The great strength of our packaging is its function
“Re seal to infinity”. Combined with a solidity and a semi-transparent face, it allows you to fully enjoy
an entomophage tasting whatever the place. Just a glance and you can know what

contains your sachet. So you can vary the pleasures by choosing different insects or
different flavors when cycling or walking. In addition, our Next Food bag is washable
it is therefore possible to place other foodstuffs such as cereal bars or cookies
but also edible insects by ordering a large volume on our site
So thanks to the easy opening of your bag, do not wait any longer to enjoy the flavors of our

Some recycling ideas:

1-You can repackage food items such as cookies or cereal bars that
you would have made yourself, home-made addict! So you will keep them away from moisture and they
will always be available in your backpack for example.

2-The impermeability of our Next Food bag allows you to place objects sensitive to
the water. A digital camera, a USB key, a watch or a phone all your objects
connected will be protected.

3-If you have a green thumb then why not use our Next Food bag to do it
to grow plants? Its capacity of more than 500 mL allows your seedlings to flourish and its face
semi-transparent allows you to visualize the roots, rather cool no?

4-friends handymen you probably looking for containers to store screws, bolts, nuts and other
small electronic objects. The solution is before you! A Next Food bag can stand up once
unfolded, so it’s easier to put them on a shelf.

But once my cricket bag has been completely devoured, what can I do with this moisture bag absorber?

Here are 5 recycling ideas:

1-You are quietly installed by the pool and inadvertently let you escape
your smartphone. It falls into the water despite your reflexes worthy of the busiest locusts. You
think everything is over? What nay! Start by removing the battery, the SIM card and the card
memory then enclose it in a waterproof bag with some of these moisture absorber.
The water should be absorbed.

2-It’s the morning, you get into your car and disaster, your windshield is fogged … To get
to undo this situation, there is always the technique of the cloth but start again each time …
not possible ! The solution is there, however. Take a few absorbent sachets and place them not far away
windshield. You will not have to worry about this problem anymore.

3-During your big spring cleaning you discover a box full of old photos of you
being younger. You want to take one but you can not take off one! Molds
have invaded the cardboard irretrievably degrading your precious clichés. With some sachets
absorbing this bad surprise would not have arrived.

4-The same technique also applies to CDs that you keep well in the shelter of light … .but
not against moisture. With a small bag in each of them you will extend their life
and will enjoy their content for a few more years.

5-You are a fan of dried potpourri flowers or create a herbarium is a passion. For
to be able to keep your works longer and to make enjoy family and friends, place a bag
Absorbent in the bottom of the bowl or inside the herbarium, so no risk of moisture.

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