eat edible insects as in koh-lanta

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Eating edible insects as in Koh-lanta

Of all the animal kingdom, the class of insects constitutes the most important, by the extent of their habitats, by the diversity of their forms and by the number of their known species. Numerous studies have shown that some species of the insect class are edible and nutrient-rich. If you have just learned this, you are probably wondering why you are eating insects. Eating insects is just as normal as eating meat. Koh-lanta is a program in which volunteers set off on hostile lands to brave the dangers and survive the cost. Through this program, volunteers do not hesitate to eat edible insects as needed to survive and continue the adventure. Eating edible insects is practiced by many people in many other contexts. So there is absolutely nothing weird about eating insects.

Eating insects, entomophagy

Within the class of insects, there are some that are edible and packed with essential nutrients. Entomophagy is the consumption of insects by humans. This way of eating is more and more talked about all over the world. Billions of people eat insects around the world every day. Entomophagy is widely practiced in Africa, Asia and Latin America and is beginning to grow in Europe although it is still taboo for some. You may not know it, but insects are extremely rich in protein, nutrients, vitamins, and more. Eating insects has absolutely nothing odd, it’s like eating meat, snails or shellfish. They have nothing to do with oxen, pigs or chicken. Edible insects are completely natural. There are more than 2000 species of edible insects in the world and each of them has a particular personality and taste. Some have tastes similar to foods such as beef, chicken, pork, etc … which greatly favors consumption. It is therefore only by consuming regularly that you can discover your preferences and refine your diet.

What you need to know about insect consumption

The majority of entomophaga eat edible insects only during the aperitif. Know that you can eat edible insects on many other occasions. Edible insects contain the nutrients needed to replace meat in a dish. Today, thanks to the evolution of entomophagy, you can easily get cereal bars made from insect meal, insect protein bars and insect pasta. The entomophage has the ability to order any type of food made from edible insects. You must know that it is highly inadvisable to consume edible insects from your garden or those around you. These could have been exposed to substances dangerous to humans such as human waste, pesticides and others. You should also avoid eating insects raised in pet shops because they are often fed on croquettes and lose their naturalness. The study of insects being quite dense, a lot of new information remains to be assimilated. It is therefore better to watch carefully for its consumption because like any food product, it is possible to make a food allergy to insects. For your drinks you can get closer to agencies specialized in the sale of edible insects. Regarding the preparation of insects, the consumer can do it himself if he masters the recipes, or provide himself in the specialized agencies that will take care of it. Whether for fantasy or pleasure, you must learn this new food source and regularly eat insects.
The consumption of edible insects is not recommended for children who are still unable to consume a good food. Unable to chew properly, a child could choke on consuming cometic insects. Please do not expose children under the age of 3 to edible insects prepared as an aperitif. Nevertheless, there is no danger for dishes specially made with insect meal, for example. As for older children, the consumption of edible insects is much easier than for adults because growing up they change their opinion and prejudices about insects. Initially it is a fun experience for them and then they adopt it as a daily diet.

The main benefits in adopting entomophagy

What you need to know is that entomophagy is not a fad or a trend that people adopt to show off. Entomophagy is a practice that occurs many years before JC, there are several references to it in the Koran, the Torah or the Bible even if it is not strongly represented. Regular entomophagia is also used for therapeutic purposes in Asia. In Korea, millipede consumption can cure arthritis. Research has shown that without realizing it we consume about 500g of insects each year. It is to say how much the man is entomophage unconsciously. Should we consume edible insects only in lack of choice? Yet insects are very rich in protein and provide much more than traditionally high livestock. By their taste and species, insects can easily replace meat in a dish. With the worldwide shortage of meat, entomophagy is well on its way to being the solution to this problem. A very good alternative with contributions 100% natural. Consuming insects would become a necessary choice and not an obligation.

It should be noted that the breeding of insects requires few resources and efforts, it pollutes much less the environment than cattle breeding. Regular consumption of insects is therefore a great ecological gesture that can help preserve the planet. It is mainly for this reason that the UN is considering adopting entomophagy to feed the world population by 2050. So why not eat edible insects?

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