Top 5 restaurants in France where you can eat insects

Restaurant lucha libre insecte

Top 5 restaurants in France where you can eat insects

At Al ‘Pizza, the entomophagi will have something to eat!

salade insecte prêt à mangerA tasting menu is available at Alexis Chambon and Michel Collin, both passionate about gastronomy and entomology. A short distance from Lorient, in the heart of Brittany, this unusual restaurant welcomes you to discover the joys of tasting edible insects. All dishes are represented, from aperitif to dessert! A little scorpion fried to put in mouth before taking a plate of delicious locusts sauteed with its sauce of the kingdom of Siam, that tempts you? Then guide Guidel in Morbihan at All pizza for a new palatine experience!

When Japanese cuisine combines with entomophagy, it gives: Chez Mushi (19 rue de l’étoile 75017).

Sushi insecte prêt à mangerDirection Paris to sit at one of the tables offering dishes all rights from the land of the rising sun. Entomophagy is in the spotlight with the talents of Chef Takashi who has given back to the makis a new note of modernism: a hint of cricket for the crunchy accompanied by an almond sauce. A little thirst? No worries, a cocktail with a mygale and miso sauce will be perfect to excite your taste buds. For dessert ? What’s better than a royal jelly fondant, a real elixir concocted by our friends bees and many are her virtues in Ayurvedic medicine.


Vincent Jeannin makes you explore entomophagy in the land of Adour.

pau parc insecte prêt à mangerIt is on the place Royale de Pau that Vincent, caterer and restaurateur, concocts good dishes with the sauce “insect”. This is the perfect place to test yourself with these new foods and to discover their authentic tastes. Here, no big creepy worms but fine locusts sublimated by association of tomato, lemon or chocolate. For you who do not like the sight of this food of the future, Vincent offers you to coat these sweets in the manner of Christmas truffles leaving only the crunchy sensation of your future best food.


Lucha Libre, the realm of Parisian wrestling.

Restaurant lucha libre insecteIt is in the 5th arrondissement of Paris that from Tuesday to Saturday from 17h to 2h, fight wrestling of high aerobatics. But what is the link with entomophagy would you say to me? Well between two fights between friends, this canteen-bar-ring Mexican offers you to regain strength and a good dose of protein crisp in scorpions, ants and other locusts! Really effective to give yourself fishing and give everything on ring!

La Lucha Libre welcomes you at 10 Rue de la Montagne Sainte-Geneviève, 75005 Paris
Metro stop: Maubert-Mutualité


The Flabfarm will open its doors very soon.

Half producers, half pedagogue and restorers, Flabfarm is a collective of architects awarded by the Paris City Hall for their innovative way of transforming the basement of the capital. On the program: awareness-raising, reflection like a think tank, the production of insects for educational purposes and of course a tasting area based on cooked dishes on site, processed products based on insects, like energy bars or pasta. What happiness!
To discover all this, go to 2021 at the following address: rue Saint-Blaise, Paris twentieth

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