Entomophagy: Edible locust

Entomophagie : edible cricket

Entomophagy: Edible Locust

Do you know Entomophagy: Edible locust, an excellent eating insect!

Entomophagy: Edible Locust

Insects to eat or understand Entomophagy

We didn’t invent anything!

Indeed, it’s been thousands of years and billions of people who consume edible insects every day.

The mentality in Europe of eating edible insects is slowly but surely changing.

The visual aspect of the grilled insect to eat is not the most “appetizing” for us who are not accustomed to consuming a food insect.

It is clear that the consumption of mealworms, for example, or locust edible brings not only undeniable daily intake but also new flavors.

Insect protein: Cooked edible insect

As we wrote above, the insect to eat has very important nutritional contributions in terms of fibers, mineral salts, vitamins, probiotics and insect protein.

NEXT-FOOD, Artisanal Producer of quality edible insects makes it a point of honor to provide you with quality insects to eat.

This charter, which is specific to us, makes us uncompromising on breeding both in terms of quality and the preparation of cooked food insects.

Indeed, let’s take the example of cricket with Thai basil.

This recipe developed by Chef NEXT FOOD is not a simple assembly of ingredients!

We must respect the edible insect, guarantee impeccable freshness

Preserve the original taste of the cricket or edible locust while bringing a unique flavor.

Honestly, it tastes like “peanuts” as an aperitif like apero insect! happiness !

Why in your turn, do not you try, with friends or family, grilled insects cooked:

  • Black Cricket with Thai Basil
  • Cricket with lime
  • Cricket with Thai Curry
  • Cricket with sweet pepper
  • Cricket with Satay

So ? Don’t wait any longer and order quickly!

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