edible insects for sport as a source of high protein

edible insects for sport

edible insects for sport

What are the types of insect-based food products for athletes?

Any physical effort involves water and energy costs. Performing physical activities as intense as they are prolonged, athletes need important sources of energy to maintain or improve their level. For that, edible insects are more than an option …


Energy needs
For example, a 30-year-old man measuring 1.75 m and weighing 70 kg spends 331 kcal on a cross-country run for 30 minutes. However, the same athlete spends only 257 kcal running a slow pace for the same duration. In this case, the protein diet is crucial for both health and performance.

Food as a source of energy
While water is the only option recommended to offset water costs, the same is not true for energy expenditure. Indeed, all foods are a source of energy. However, the nutritional quality varies from one food to another. For some years now, edible insects have been an alternative source of protein for athletes.

Edible insects, source of protein

Culinary tradition based on edible insects
While edible insects are new to European athletes, their consumption is a tradition in Southeast Asia, especially in Thailand. Indeed, they are an important source of protein for boxing athletes. Discovering all the potentialities of this type of food, Europeans are starting to develop dietetic products for athletes.

Protein bars
Thus, protein bars based on edible crickets for example have emerged. Thus, edible insects have finally convinced professional dieticians to integrate them into the menus of athletes. Thanks to the expertise of the latter, it is therefore not as difficult as before to find athletes who opt for a lunch based on edible insects.

Edible insect meal
However, for a more natural diet, edible insect products come in various forms. Thanks to edible flours, specialists are able to prepare high-protein biscuits and breads. In this way, athletes consume products as nutritious as delicious.

Meat or edible insects

Edible insects steak
To vary the pleasures, athletes can also take a steak of edible insects, more specifically edible mealworms, concocted by specialists. Apart from proteins, such a dish also contains calcium, zinc and iron. It is therefore normal for some professional dieticians to include them in the diet of top athletes.

Essential fatty acids intake
Meat is also a source of protein for athletes. If the potential of meat is not to be demonstrated, it is often criticized for its fat content which can be around 50%. However, with a significantly higher percentage of protein, edible insects contain only 16% fat. Better yet, the little they contain is essentially composed of essential fatty acid of the omega-3 and omega-6 type, an element that the human body can not synthesize itself.

Source of carbohydrate and vitamins
In addition, ordinary meat does not contain carbohydrate. Constituting a fast source of energy, this element is essential to the functioning of the muscle and especially to the assimilation of the protein. By choosing edible insects, an athlete takes a more complete food because they can contain up to 12% of carbohydrate. In addition, they provide other important nutrients such as calcium, vitamins B, B6 and B12 which are essential for intense physical effort and prolonged.

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