Edible insects: flavors to discover and precautions to take

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edible insects

Edible insects: flavors to discover and precautions to take

The consumption of insects dates back thousands of years. If this practice has become anecdotal in Europe, it is a food mode in itself in the countries of Southeast Asia and America.


A delight for entomophages


Protein intake
Edible insects contribute to daily protein intake in countries such as Thailand, Cambodia, Mexico … It is even a real treat that is consumed as an aperitif. This is the case of the Acheta domesticus cricket that is usually fried. Entomophages appreciate it for its taste and texture. On the other hand, lovers of Roquefort will surely find the taste of their favorite cheese by tasting a Cricket Gryllus bimaculatus.

Insects at gold prices
Asians are particularly fond of red ants or weaver ants. Indeed, their larvae are bought at a high price on the local market. Entomophagae recognize them by their slightly acidic and spicy taste. Moreover, these flavors come from the leaves which essentially constitute their diet. Thus, apart from the protein intake they provide, they also contain vitamins C. The sometimes exorbitant price of this edible insect can be explained by their collection, which is sometimes done deep in the forest and only lasts for a few months. In addition, they are among the few edible insects that can not be domesticated in Thailand.

In the categories of edible insects that eat mainly plant products, silkworms are found. Indeed, they eat only mulberry leaves, but unlike weaver ants, they are totally domesticated. After boiling the cocoons, the caterpillars are removed for frying or boiling before eating them simply salted. Silkworms are a fine dish in Southeast Asia, the Far East and Madagascar. Indeed, Koreans appreciate them steam, while the Japanese and Malagasy prefer them grilled or sauteed.


Edible insects for all tastes


Salty or sweet
On the other hand, edible insects in general easily take on other tastes. So, we can easily associate them with condiments such as garlic, chilli, ginger … If you are going to eat edible insects for the first time, do not hesitate to season it with spices that are familiar to you. You even have the choice between sweet and salty.

Tastes and flavors
Moreover, even confirmed entomophages are still amazed at the adaptability of the flavors of edible insects. Indeed, most of them have a nutty taste when they are sweet and a chicken flavor when they are salty. However, whatever your preference, they have no aftertaste that would surprise you.

This is good news for chocolate lovers. Indeed, if you are part of this category, you will have no trouble becoming entomophagi. Enjoy a chocolate crunch, a real treat, you will find the flavors of peanut or hazelnut.


Pay attention to allergies


Moreover, before any tasting of edible insects, precautions must be taken. On the one hand, like any individual, you may be prone to an allergy. On the other hand, like any food, edible insects can cause allergic reactions in an individual. Thus, if you are allergic to shrimp, there is a very good chance that you are allergic to edible insects.

Crustacean and edible insects
Indeed, the exoskeleton of edible insects and the thin carapace shrimp have in common chitin, a kind of keratin. However, this element is one of the allergens that cause allergy attacks. So, if you are intolerant to shellfish, it is better not to risk eating edible insects. On the other hand, those who consume crustaceans while making provisions like adding lemon to soften the taste or the possible effects will also have to do it while tasting insects.

Quality products
In addition, to ensure the hygienic quality of edible insects, Next Food sells only quality products. Indeed, they come from breeding farms based in Thailand or collected in the country’s rainforest. There is therefore only a very small chance that they are contaminated by biological agents that can cause allergies and poisoning.

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