Edible insect recipe: the giant water scorpion donuts

giant water scorpion

Recipe made from edible insects: the giant water scorpion donuts

Edible insects are considered the food of the future. If some countries find natural entomophagy, this is not yet the case here. To convince yourself of the merits of this practice, let’s first highlight the taste and nutritional qualities before discovering an edible insect recipe.

Tasty and nutritional qualities

Sweet or salty

For those who are not yet familiar with the taste of edible insects, know that they change depending on the species of course and especially according to their seasoning and preparation. For example, by preparing the edible cricket (salt or sweet) differently, you can find both the nutty flavor.

Neutral or specific taste

Some insects such as locusts and edible grasshoppers have a more neutral taste. On the other hand, they are easily imbued with the flavors of the other ingredients when they are incorporated into recipes. In addition, edible insects with a more specific taste can be found. This is the case of the giant edible water bug that subtly brings shrimps. This is not surprising since it has about the same diet as giant freshwater shrimp.

Edible insects in the spotlight

Thanks to their taste, they can easily replace meat, seafood and other ingredients such as hazelnut. For example, you can prepare an edible insect donut or stew by substituting meat for insects such as edible cricket, edible grasshopper, edible grasshopper, and so on.

Becoming entomophagous

If you are not allergic to edible insects, you will have no trouble making them fit in your diet. Indeed, they have nothing to envy to meat, seafood or certain products such as pistachios and hazelnuts in terms of taste. This is why entomophages appreciate the aperitif insect.

Sources of protein

On the other hand, they actually have nutritional benefits. Indeed, they bring the same amount of protein compared to meat, or even more for some edible insects. In contrast, they are low in fat, making it an ideal protein source to feed the world.

Giant Water Scorpion Fritter

The edible giant water scorpion donuts is all the more judicious as this insect is unappetizing and particularly delicious in the mouth. Once coated with dough, we can chew it to find the flavors.

The preparation of the dough

So let’s start the preparation by putting 90g of flour and 60g of cassava starch, corn, or potato and salt in a bowl. Next, gradually add the 125 cc of water at room temperature and mix until the paste is homogeneous and flowing. Let it rest for a minimum of 30 minutes.

The preparation of the edible insect

Meanwhile, prepare the giant water scorpion by dipping it for a few minutes in hot water. Then, remove the wings and roll them in the flour and let go of side while waiting for the dough. By shopping for edible insects on Next Food, you’ll have edible insects ready to eat. For our recipe, we need about ten pieces.

The cooking

After 30 minutes, add a packet of chemical yeast to the dough. After mixing them, gently take the edible insects and dip them liberally into the dough. Do not forget to rub the end against the edge of the bowl to remove excess dripping dough. Then dip them in boiling frying oil by holding them for a few seconds to have an aesthetic shape and let go of it afterwards.


Leave them for a few minutes in the frying until it is golden and do the same for the rest of the edible insects. We can taste them with the sauce of our choice after draining it on a paper towel. On the other hand, if we left them aside while waiting for the tasting, we can heat it in the oven at 200 ° C for 7 min and the giant water scorpion donuts will find its crunch again.

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