Edible insects: a plus for the planet

edible insects on skewer

edible insects on skewer

Edible insects: a plus for the planet

The consumption of edible insects has been increasing steadily for several years, although it remains relatively marginal in Europe and is widely practiced and appreciated in many countries in Asia, Africa and South America.
Practicing entomophagy, that is, eating insects, has many benefits, not only are edible insects delicious, but most importantly, they meet our nutritional requirements for protein, among other things, and are therefore excellent. alternative to meat.
The world’s population is growing considerably; in 2030, it will reach 9 billion; it is obvious that the need for food resources will follow this upward curve and require massive animal production, among others. Excluding the energy resources needed for livestock farming is huge in comparison to those used for more reasonable plant cultivation, and those needed for extremely insignificant insect farming.

Reduction of greenhouse gas production

Cattle, sheep, and other livestock are responsible for nearly 20% of greenhouse gas emissions; this percentage is likely to increase, of course, at the same time as productivity contributes dangerously to global warming.
The breeding of edible insects (crickets, locusts or mealworms produces 100 times of greenhouse gases.

Reduction of raw material consumption

Feeding insects requires 6 to 10 times less raw material than for feeding cattle, and 2 times less than for poultry or pigs. The breeding of insects for consumption produces almost no waste: their waste is recycled and make an excellent natural fertilizer. In addition the insects being edible in their entirety, no food residue will fill the garbage household after consumption.

Reduction of water consumption

More than 20,000 liters of water are needed for one kilo of beef, almost nothing to produce edible insects; This is sobering when we know that today, more than one in 10 people do not have access to drinking water.

Edible insects: a plus for the taste

We may be refractory to eating insects, but know that their consumption is safe, on the contrary it is a perfectly healthy food with exceptional nutritional intake; in terms of taste, occasional tasters and regular practitioners all agree that insects are succulent and are eaten at any time of the day. To nibble as an aperitif instead of chips or peanuts, used as a condiment in your traditional dishes, you have something to reinvent your way of cooking, give free rein to your creativity to discover and discover an original cuisine with gustatory qualities and exceptional nutrition.
Buy edible insects and innovate, they do not require any transformation, can be savored as such in snacking, or decorate appetizers, dishes and desserts, no doubt that you will create the surprise and mark the spirits of your guests.

Edible insects: a more nutritional

e-commerce sites, insect sales shops are multiplying, professionals have understood, in the coming years, demand will increase.
The large population growth of our planet and the cost of raising and producing animal meat will quickly force us to find alternatives to meet the needs of all, all the more so in the already disadvantaged countries that are suffering already malnourished. Increasingly, humanitarian organizations are encouraging people to eat insects, because they meet our nutritional needs for proteins, minerals, vitamins and omega and are therefore a perfect substitute for meat. An excellent alternative for the suffering countries as for the developed countries since consuming insects could allow us to reduce our meat consumption and to act for our planet and for our health.

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