New entomophages: which insects recipes to try first?

cookie dough edible insects

cookie dough edible insects

New entomophages: which insects recipes to try first?

Entomophagy has many benefits for both the body and the planet. So, discover the steps to take to get started in this new practice.

Start with small edible insects

Prepare mentally

To start entomophagy, you have to start by preparing yourself mentally. Indeed, the Western world remains reluctant in this practice because of the negative image of insects. Therefore, the first step is to overcome these prejudices. A better way to rule out the myth about insect eating is to accept that each individual consumes 500 g of insect per year. These are actually incorporated into flour, bread, fruit and vegetable juices and cakes … Some dyes are similarly made from insects.

Start the experiment

Some people dislike the visual aspect of the insect. So, to take this step, it seems better to hide the little animals during your first experience. To do this, simply close your eyes and enjoy the insect. You can also wrap the insect in a salad leaf and eat. In addition, start your experiment by selecting small insects. This method makes it possible to learn about entomophagy. This approach allows your palate to get used to this practice. Thus, beginners start with mealworms. These insects deposit indeed a peanut taste and crack in the mouth. In addition, these insects are eaten in salads, with quiches, with brownies. These little beasts are also tasty with stir-fries and a tomato-basil sauce.

Integrate insects into the daily diet

Why ?

The next step is to introduce insects into eating habits. Start by integrating small animals into sweet recipes and savory dishes. Thus, this step soothes you and prepares you for tasting. Moreover, insect meal can be used in all recipes. This method also facilitates the initiation of entomophagy and eliminates the visual aspects of insects. In this way, you can enjoy the nutritional benefits of entomophagy, including protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamins and minerals.

Insect cookies recipe

As an illustration, prepare cookies for insects. This small snack requires 125 g of butter, 125 g of sugar, 300 g of flour, 2 eggs and a packet of yeast and worms of flour. Start by preheating the oven to 180 ° C. Then, mix the softened butter, the sugar and the eggs as well as the flour, the yeast and the mealworms. You can add chocolate or nuts also. To obtain a ball of dough, it is necessary to mix the preparation with the hands. So, make small balls and drop them on your baking sheet. Bake for about 15 minutes. Insect cookies are ready when golden.

Transform the experience into an adventure

Share your experience

Over time, you will begin to appreciate the insects. At this point, it is possible to create your own insect-based recipes. The next step is to share your experience. Start by preparing insect dishes for your family. For children, prepare candies and treats for insects. In addition, lollipops with mealworms, scorpions, silkworms, caterpillars and locusts come in different flavors. In addition, the ant and butterfly sweets are unanimous with entomophages. In addition, insect chocolates are just as delicious as classic treats. Then invite friends and serve insects as an aperitif.

Meet other entomophagy

To share your experience, go in search of other entomophages. Just visit a restaurant specializing in insect cooking or including insect recipes. Also, you will have the opportunity to taste some dishes prepared by professionals. In addition, insect consumption is starting to spread in the western world. Also, many events focused on entomophagy are frequently organized. Participate in these events and discover the different aspects of entomophagy.

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