Edible insects to eat, better source of protein for athletes

Edible insects for sport

Edible insects for sport

Edible insects to eat, better source of protein for athletes

Food is important in the performance of athletes. It is for this reason that high level sports coaches require good nutrition. As a result, experts in nutrition concoct diets rich in protein and nutrients for athletes.

Sources of protein

Health problems

Despite the abundance of protein sources, these specialists have difficulty in recommending clean diets. Certainly, the taste of meat and its accessibility make meat a preferred source of protein. However, the use of growth hormone or genetically modified products in the intensive breeding system of cattle, pigs or chickens makes thinkers specialists. Protein sources such as soy are also an alternative. Apart from the use of pesticides, their estrogenic property presents a real risk. In the case of fish, mercury contamination is not to be ruled out.

The importance of animal proteins

Yet animal protein sources provide all essential amino acids and non-essential amino acids, while vegetable protein sources are not as complete. This does not mean that athletes must necessarily eat meat to obtain sufficient quantity and quality of protein. In contrast, animal products provide all the essential amino acids.


The insect-eating solution

The insect protein

Faced with these problems, nutrition specialists are turning to edible insects. The main reason is the protein content that can far exceed that of meat. Depending on its stage of development and the type of insect, it varies from 20 to 76% of the dry matter. As for meat, it rarely exceeds 60%. The fat also varies between 2 and 50% of the dry weight. In some cases, 70% of lipids are polyunsaturated fatty acids. In addition, the insect protein is distinguished by its very high digestibility that can reach more than 98%.

Other nutrients

Aside from protein and fat, edible insects also contain minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron … as well as vitamins A, C, D, E, K and B. potential of the edible insect, nutritionists no longer hesitate to recommend them to athletes. Thus, protein bars based on edible crickets or other edible insects are gradually conquering the market. Like most protein sources, therefore, complete edible insects, that is, they contain all the essential amino acids in approximately equal amounts. On the other hand, they are very rich in fiber and minerals.


The Thai example

The performance of Thai weightlifters

In recent years, Thai weightlifters have been performing so well that Thailand has become the second nation of weightlifting at the Rio Games. Of course, world authorities have suspected doping and controls are increasing. However, the analyzes revealed no prohibited substance. By analyzing their diet, specialists find an explanation in the daily ration of edible insects.

More than 200 edible insects

Since the Rio Olympics, sports nutritionists around the world have begun to understand the importance of edible insects. To return to Thailand, there are no less than 200 edible insects. About twenty of them are an integral part of the diet of the urban and rural population. By the way, the cricket is the most popular.

Pasta made from insect meal

Currently, athletes are advised to eat pasta made from insect meal before and after training. Indeed, they are a very energetic food that contains slow sugars. They therefore provide a constant level of energy during a workout or any physical effort. In addition, the high protein and vitamin content of insect meal, pasta made from cricket flour is one of the best foods for athletes.


The new trend

Powerful nutritional strategies

According to nutritionists, edible insects meet the criteria for developing effective nutritional strategies. In fact, the nutrients they contain make it possible to maintain an optimal level of energy during the physical efforts. However, to achieve this result, regular consumption of edible insects is required. In addition, their production is healthy and respectful of the environment. To improve taste, specialists are actively contributing to the design of edible insect products.

The success of the edible insect industry

In the United States, the food insects industry is very successful. In addition, the products diversify on the market. In fact, insect-based products range from protein bars to biscuits and crackers. It is still difficult to say that consumption of edible insects has become commonplace, but the dynamic is promising. So if you want to be one step ahead of your competitors, take edible insect products.


A diet based on edible insects for athletes

Unconscious consumption of edible insects

Despite all the benefits that edible insects present, some sportspeople find it extremely difficult to take insect-based products. Yet they eat it without knowing it, because most processed food products contain traces of insects. In addition, the most common food coloring is based on cochineal.

Results requirement

Despite this reluctance, the performance expected of athletes forces them to surpass this psychological barrier. Indeed, the consumption of nutritional supplements is essential. As a result, they will adopt the edible insect protein bar as they have adopted creatine monohydrate or whey, a product considered a waste because of its unpleasant taste.

Reversal of the trend

Indeed, the protein bars and the flours of insects begin to seduce the high level sportsmen. Moreover, crickets flour is very versatile: it can be used in pastry and bakery. With a fine texture and a taste similar to hazelnut, the possibilities are endless. Just be careful for those who are allergic to shellfish.

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