Are edible insects really as delicious as some say?

Edible insects: mealworms

insecte comestible apero
are edible insects tasty

Are edible insects really as delicious as some say?

Eating insects is an increasingly common practice today. Moreover, beginners who try entomophagy love to eat insects. So, are edible insects really as delicious as some say?

The most tasty insects

According to the entomophagi, orthoptera are the orders of the class of the most tasty edible insects. Among them, crickets are very popular. These little animals are also served as hors d’oeuvres. They are also fleshier than ants and mosquitoes. These insects are similar to tofu and have a neutral taste. Nevertheless, these insects perfectly assimilate the flavor and aromas of the dish. In addition, crickets are prepared for grilling and other methods of cooking at high temperatures. To get their crisp structure, just marinate a few minutes.

Locusts are among orthoptera. These insects are also very popular with entomophagi. These little animals can serve as aperitif and are similar to biscuits appetizers. These insects certainly have no particular taste, however their seasoning offers them an exceptional flavor. Moreover, locusts are seasoned with herbs, soy, curry, cumin … Some breeders carry out a method of dehydration to maintain their nutritional property as well as their taste quality. Locusts, specifically nymphs are also perfect for a stew. Crushed, these animals can substitute flour.

The taste of insects

In general
The taste of insects varies from one species to another. In the majority of cases, insects confer a small nutty taste, especially after being grilled. This taste results from the natural fats associated with their mineral-rich exoskeletons. In addition, their taste is declined hazelnut, pistachio poison and potato. However, defining the true flavor of insects remains complex. The giant beetle in this case has an indescribable taste, far from the culinary flavors of our time.

Special cases
Bee larvae have a taste similar to peanut, sometimes pine nuts and almonds. Then, the silkworm recalls peanut butter after being boiled. In addition, some species of ants located in the Amazon deposit a rather acidic taste, similar to lemon. Red palm weevils are generally eaten in Southeast Asia. These little animals have the same taste as bacon. Nevertheless, some consumers find a slight sweet taste. Scorpions are not insects, but are close to these invertebrate and articulated animals. These large arachnids have a bitter taste and are close to fish. Finally, giant bugs have a sweet taste and are close to melon and banana.

The different preparations

Salty preparations
The majority of insects are suitable

for salty preparations. In addition, edible grasshoppers are delicious when roasted, salted and seasoned with vinegar. In addition to their nutritional value, these critters bring a crunchy taste. Termites are consumed particularly in Africa, the Dominican Republic and Indonesia. Grilled and smoked, termites have a taste of bacon. In addition, these small animals can serve as bacon in a quiche or spaghetti carbonara. Then beetles bring a taste of spicy bacon and are very popular in Asia. Perfect for an aperitif, these insects contain 75% protein and contain no fat. In addition, all parts are edible. Finally, the smoked caterpillars provide a taste of ham.

Sweet preparations
Silkworms are like soft, melting and tender hazelnut cookies, but wrapped in a crunchy texture. Then, giant ants particularly appreciate the honey, so their abdomen abounds. As a result, insect consumers eat their sweet side. These insects also have an odor and a taste of cocoa. In addition, beginners can opt for small sweets based on cranberry flour and mealworm powder, in this case chocolate bars and lemon shortbread.

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