Edible Insects for Halloween

Halloween edible insects

Halloween edible insects

Edible Insects for Halloween

Edible insects in the realm of the dead

Celebrate all the Saints at the Halloween party has become an unmissable event. But if you really want to think outside the box and give an exotic note to your party, think about edible insects! Guaranteed thrills!

Edible insects challenge you:

The most difficult is to cross the road of physical repulsion. The giant water bug, for example, has an unappealing appearance, but this Halloween night is the time to ignore prejudices. Because tonight, chips are replaced by edible insects, we dare almost everything.
For this frenzied evening, play the map of edible scorpions of Manchuria. They will awaken the adventurer side of your personality and anguish your friends. Tonight, the taste of risk must be at the rendezvous.
If you are arachnophobic, your heart will run away when this little thing goes close to your lips, because the cause of your phobia is edible. The tarantula is beautiful to scare. It’s a nice challenge for Halloween, right? Show courage, swallow your fear and munch it! Is not she crisp?
And if it stuck a little in your throat, a good shot of scorpion vodka will take you straight into Dante’s hell. She has a taste for waking a dead person!

At Halloween the unusual cuisine is invited at the table:

Entomophagy, or the art of eating insects, has its culinary dictates and good uses. Here is a little overview of our smokiest ideas, to snap your teeth. The verrines of addition falls with the smoked crickets, the canapés of mashed sweet potatoes with the grilled locusts, will know how to make excellent antis pastis. But the star of your evening will of course be the giant worm Morio to cook. Deliciously soft and gelatinous, with a subtle taste of grilled hazelnuts, it is melded in a most daring recipe: the caramelized love apple with giant worms Morios. That scare the little monsters that will knock on your door to cast spells. You can also flambé your Morios giant worms with Cognac and incorporate them into a Norwegian omelette. Morios giant worms are excellent flavor enhancers for your craziest recipes. All you have to do is to dare to please your guests.

Nutritional interest of edible insects.

And if in addition to being the stars of your evening, edible insects were also good for your health and that of your guests? This is the case of the giant water bug, rich in fiber, highly concentrated in protein and packed with vitamins. What a horrible surprise to make such a beautiful gift to your intestines in this horrifying Halloween night. Munch in a beetle in the color of red wood, your taste buds will recognize the flavor of grilled bacon. A frightening audacity that will cut your hunger because they are also rich in protein. You will have enough energy to dance on furious rhythms until the end of the night.

Why eat edible insects on Halloween.

Edible insects are the food of tomorrow, because their mode of production is inexpensive and ecological. Did you know that in prehistory Neanderthals were already feeding on them? To convince you, try the Halloween experience, because a halloween night without edible insects would be a bad thing. If you hesitate to make a choice between different species of edible insects, there are kits ready to be tasted. Start with these appetizer kits that contain no less than five edible insect species. A pack that will terrify all Jack-o’-Lanterns neighborhood.

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