Essen Sie essbare Insekten

Eat edible insects

The insect food market has never been bigger. Eating edible insects is great for your health

Eating insects: Protein intake from insects

The edible insect is one of the „exits“ of animal consumption due to its nutritional quality and availability in the environment.
But not everything is food-insekt not necessarily „good to eat“.
In fact, we must go to the professionals of Entomophagy  (link to ), whose #1 is Next Food.
Next Food is the #1 insect to eat r and it’s also environmentally conscious.
Because the producer of edible insects is close to nature, both in the breeding of edible insects and in their treatment.
Next Food respects these edible insects and breeds its ownedible insects as if they were living in the wild.
Confidence in the quality of Next Food food insects is unwavering .
In fact, Next-Food employees consume these natural food insects that they prepare on a daily basis, and with good reason.

Edible Insects: Exotic Recipes for Fun!

Eating a food insect is good for our health, we will not resort to it.
On the other hand, Next Food is passionate about the preparation of its edible insects .
In fact, you can find many prepared food insects on Next Food’s website .
Let’s take some examples and especially some flavors of how the cricket  is prepared Tom Yum style.
No more peanuts, those salty, greasy things, eat well, eco-friendly and good for your health. With the Cricket
Tom Yum recipe , you will be amazed at the quality of preparation.
You’ll find the fresh lemongrass that gives the recipe a lift, as well as galangal and chili.
Entomophagy is back in the spotlight with Next Food!

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